Dramatis Personae

These are the principal actors – besides yourselves – in the drama of Courting Darkness.


Ares, the God of War – Father of the Bride
Ares, currently busy wearing the guise of an American general, is whipping up even more conflict in the Middle East. He is belligerent, brutal, aggressive and overall unlikable. He strongly disapproves of his daughter’s involvement with Shahzad bin-Sebek, who he views as a coward and a traitor.

Sobek, the Crocodile God – Father of the Groom
Sobek is an underhanded, dangerous god – a hitman, a monster, a subtle yet bestial creature. He is known to take what he wants, but also to ward mankind from evil; he’s a bully, but he has a measure of subtlety and finesse to his methods. When he visits Earth, he often takes the role of a warlord or dictator in developing countries – which naturally puts him even further at odds with Ares. He assumes his son has some plan in mind marrying Ares’ daughter, but he does not know about it – something he finds gravely disconcerting.


The Bride: Arlene Mars, Scion of Ares
One would be hard pressed to find a more thoroughbred soldier than Arlene Mars. A woman Marine and prolific warrior against the Titans, Arlene always sports a buzzcut, fatigues, and is usually smoking a cigar in the manner of her old-fashioned father. The chauvinistic Ares always considered Arlene a little bit of an embarrassment, but he cannot deny her success as a soldier, both against humans and against Titanspawn. It came as a complete surprise to Ares that his daughter was interested in marriage – to an Arab and an assassin, at that – and he strongly disapproves of the union.

The Groom: Shazad bin-Sebek, Scion of Sobek
Shazad bin-Sebek is a sophisticated man. He went to Oxford. He’s well-educated, well-spoken and charismatic, speaking impeccable English, French, Arabic and Farsi. He’s also a trained assassin, demolitions expert and soldier for the Saudi government. Shazad believes in the maxim “No kill like overkill”, something he’s demonstrated time and time again against human enemies of the State, as well as the Titanspawn. Like his father, he is selfish and disloyal, and he abandoned his King as soon as he learned of his heritage. Sobek assumes his son has some underlying plan with his marriage to Arlene – surely a scion of Sobek cannot actually be in love, can he?

The Rival: Logan Scarsdale, Scion of Loki
Logan is a Scion of Loki who conveniently vanished just before the invasion of Dark Elves. That is far from the only thing tying him to the crime, however. He was romantically involved with Shazad during their mutual time at Oxford, and never quite seems to have gotten over him, even going so far as to follow him on his travels across the earth. It’s not strange that he should be consumed by jealousy at his former boyfriend’s marriage. Logan’s career among mortals is that of an interpreter, something that’s given him a surprising amount of power among mortals – but as a consummate shapeshifter, he’s also long had interactions with the Titanspawn. Some even go so far as to suggest he shares his father’s sexual tastes for them.

Dramatis Personae

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