Character Creation

This game uses the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying System, with a few changes and additional rules. Your character has four different categories of Traits to keep track of:


Affiliations are your characters’ basic dice. Rather than using the narrative “Solo”, “Buddy” and “Team” die pools of Marvel, this game will use three different traits: “Body”, “Mind”, and “Soul”. Body is used for all rolls based on athleticism, physical strength, dexterity, and so on. Soul is used for social rolls and willpower, as well as invoking powers based on willpower – such as manipulating elements. Mind is used for perception, intuition and intelligence, as well as invoking powers based on magic, fate, or mysticism.

Assign three dice: d6, d8 and d10 between the three Affiliations.

Power Sets

Power Sets represent your characters Powers. You may have one or two Power Sets. Powers from the same Power Set do not mechanically stack, even though you may of course use them both visually at once. A Power is rated at a rating from d6 (a small gimmick) to d12 (truly epic).

If you have a single Power Set, you may have Powers ranked up to d12. If you have two Power Sets, you may have Powers ranked up to d10. Generally, one Power Set is appropriate if your character has only one supernatural gimmick. If your character differs heavily from his or her parent God, two Power Sets fits well – one representing the parents’ abilities, one representing your own budding purview. Two Power Sets also fits well if you have abilities differing radically from each other. If part of your powers derive from some type of artifact, like a magical hammer, two Power Sets are also suitable.

You may have any amount of powers within any one Power Set, but don’t go too crazy and keep it thematic. As a guideline, try to have about six different powers if you have two Power Sets, and four different powers if you have one.

Typical Powers:
Epic Attributes: There are nine Epic Attributes by default, though you may come up with your own. The eight default ones are Strength, Stamina, Durability, Dexterity, Perception, Wits, Intelligence, Charisma, and Appearance. (Manipulation and Charisma have been rolled together into one Attribute for this game. Durability and Stamina are treated differently by MHRPG – Durability represents toughness whereas Stamina represents regeneration/healing).

Elemental Powers: Bolts of lightning, command over fire and flame, or the ability to conjure darkness all fall under this category.

Special Movements: The ability to fly, outrun a train, jump tall buildings et cetera all fall under this. Some of them may overlap a little with the Epic Attributes (but remember that this system has no Knacks, so they may be worth picking up if part of your schtick is mobility).

Weapons/Attacks: These are straightforward weapons and attack modes, like claws, horns, or laser eyebeams. Artifacts and the like often have themselves as a weapon power, for example, Mj√∂lner is “Hammer: d12”.

Magic and Sorcery: These are catch-all abilities, invoked by chanting and waving your hands. Typically, Magic and Sorcery requires certain conditions to work, such as engraved artifacts, mystic chants, et cetera. Since these powers are very broad, make sure they come with some interesting drawback or restriction.

Specialties (or Skills)

These are your mundane skills. They are very broadly phrased such as “Crime”, “Athletics”, “Covert”, “Combat” and so on. Skills range from d6 (skilled) through d8 (expert), d10 (master) and d12 (grandmaster). You may not start with an skills ranked at Grandmaster unless you also only have one Power Set. Even then, if you have any Grandmaster skills you are so focused that no other skill may exceed d8.


Finally, there are Distinctions. Distinctions are phrases that describe your character, such as “Clumsy” or “Very Responsible” or even a catchphrase like “Why did it have to be snakes?”. When your Distinction comes into play, you may add either a d8 (if the Distinction is helpful) or a d4 (if the Distinction is unhelpful). A Distinction can be both depending on the situation, and so has no rating.

Other Stuff

Besides the dice, you may also have SFXes and your powers have Limits. I think it’s best we discuss these in person, before the game.

Character Creation

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