Nikita Bauer

_very_ german scion of Hermes


Name: Nikita Helvetia Mercuria Bauer Neuenschwander

Attributes: Body d10, Mind d8, Soul d6

Distinctions: Very German, Sharp Wit, Adrenaline junkie

Power Sets:

Vessel of Eternal Glory aka the Briefcase of Hermes
Being the official messenger between the gods of the dodekatheon can be both tedious and dangerous (especially when Zeus goes all Henry VIII) so Hermes pulled some strings to have this artifact made. Quite a lot of strighs, actually. Copying the spells of Mj√∂lnir and Pandora’s box and combining it with some interdimensional portals right under the nose of Hades os not easy. Since Hermes has now delegated these chores to his daughter, she gets to use the bag, kinda comes with the job.
Flight d8, Attack d8, Durability d10
SFX: Extradimensional storage (actually a small apartment in a tunnel leading to Hades)
SFX: Constructs – can produce any item large enough to fit through the opening
SFX: Returning – can be summoned at will, but might be unable to oblige
Limit: Gear

Don’t shoot the messenger
Sometimes delivering a message can be dangerous (especially when Zeus goes all Henry VIII) and the best place to be is literally anywhere else. Fast. Through experience Niki has developed a godlike ability to anticipate all sorts of trouble.
Teleportation d8, Reflexes d8, Empathy d12
SFX: Counterattack (mental)
SFX: Focus

Business d12, Acrobatic d10, Combat d6, Covert d8, Psyche d8, Vehicles d10


Nikita Bauer

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