Setting Description

Setting in General

Scions and the returning Gods have been known for a few years at the start of this game. People are aware they exist, but the knowledge is gradual – a few still deny their existence, most people don’t interact with them, but news of monster attacks and epic battles are frequently shared on social media, and generally believed. Very few people ever meet a Scion face to face, however.

At the start of this story, it’s assumed your characters are at least somewhat seasoned in the world of the Divine. They have probably not encountered many scions outside of their own pantheon, however.

The Wedding

The wedding was to be held in Arlene’s hometown of Blackrock, Minnesota. A mid-sized town in the American midwest, it houses bowling alleys, gas stations, all-night diners and other typical stapes of American life. Now, of course, it’s been overrun by dark elves. Arlene and Shazad would probably have gotten married in a church, attended by Arlene’s mother and family. Unfortunately, their church of choice is in the very middle of the war zone.

Setting Description

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