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Name: Breadman the Breadvenger

Attributes: Body D10, Mind D8, Soul D6

Distinctions: Yeast Beast, Buttered Up, “Are You Bready For This?”

Power Sets:

Avatar of Bread
Godlike Strength D12, Godlike Stamina D12, Godlike Durability D12
SFX: Life Support. Bread doesn’t need to eat or breathe, and can survive indefinitely in the most hostile environments unless its Godlike Durability is shut down.
SFX: Invulnerable. Spend 1 PP to ignore physical stress or trauma results unless caused by fire attacks.
SFX: Mystical Healing. Spend 1 PP to recover your physical stress and step back your physical trauma by -1.
Limit: Toast! Earn 1 PP and step up physical stress caused by fire.

Cheaty Not-Allowed Second d12 Power Set Because Bread
Psychic Resistance D12, Sorcery d12, Bread Control d12
SFX: Immunity. Spend 1 PP to ignore telepathy, mind control, or psychic stress or trauma results caused by psychic blasts.
Limit: Caught By The GM. Shut down Cheaty Not-Allowed Second d12 Power Set Because Bread to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover the power.

Combat Expert D8, Menace Master D10, Food Master D10



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