It’s a momentous occasion when a Scion marries. It’s even more so when the parents don’t approve of the union. So when two Scions of different pantheons decide to wed against their parents’ wishes, it’s understandably cause for concern (and no small amount of headaches) among the more diplomatically inclined deities.

Unfortunately for the two lovebirds, their union was interrupted – by dark elves , no less. Both pantheons blame each other; both have an interest in seeing the marriage dissolved, after all – but neither side approves of the foul play. Both of them also blame the Norse, who are the only ones known to do business with the dark elves, and rumours say there may be a triangle drama afoot – that the elves work in tandem with a third, jealous Scion. At the moment, nobody knows what’s transpired, and no God trusts another to intervene directly.

The only solution was to form a team – diplomatically represented with one Scion from each of the three affected parties. A team to delve into the dark-elf infested zone, and find the truth behind the attack…

See the page Dramatis Personae¬†for more information on the wedding, and on the parties involved. Once you’ve done that, head over to the Character Creation, and check out the example character.

Courting Darkness

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